In May 2010, the MMTA introduced the Michigan Certified Professional Treasurer (MiCPT) certification program. The program complements the national certification, Certified Public Finance Administrator (CPFA), that is offered through the APT US&C, and offers unique educational benefits for the members of the MMTA.

To be eligible for the MiCPT, a MMTA member must complete Basic Institute and have three years of treasury-related municipal experience. The certification must be renewed every four years; applications must be received by June 1 to be considered. The Professional Development Committee reviews both initial applications and re-certifications. Recipients are recognized at the Fall Conference. See the complete MiCPT policy here.

New MiCPT Applicants - apply immediately following completion of Basic Institute. Applicants who do not hold the position of Finance Director, Treasurer, or Deputy/Assistant Treasurer must submit an Experience Verification Form with their application. Once you have this form filled out and your third year Certificate of Completion, apply online for your MiCPT using this form. You will need to upload these documents as pdfs to complete the form. Do NOT use this for a MiCPT renewal.

MiCPT Renewals - Maintaining the MiCPT requires continuing education. Applicants must show that they have accumulated thirty (30) points over the four-year period immediately preceding their renewal date. Applicants are required to upload documentation of points (for point tally sheets and attendance rosters, visit the Resources/Point Sheets page in the members-only portion of this website). Applicants not holding the position of Finance Director, Treasurer, or Deputy/Assistant Treasurer must also submit an Experience Verification Form. Once you have  your documentation in order, apply online using this form.  You may find this form helpful to use as a cover sheet, but it's not required.

Earning Points - Continuing education to renew the MiCPT is awarded one point for every two hours of education. It is the participant's responsibility to keep  point tally sheets and attendance rosters of conferences they attend to verify their 30 points. Points are awarded for attendance at Winter Workshop, Advanced Institute, MMTA in the UP, Fall Conference, the APT US&C Annual Conference, or any other day seminars or event hosted or officially sanctioned by MMTA or APT US&C. Only six (6) of the 30 points can be from APT US&C events. Point tally sheets are posted in the member-only portion of this website on the Resources/Point Sheets page. Presenters of any MMTA education session will receive double points for the session they present. No points will be awarded for job experience, committee involvement, or for serving on the Board of Directors. 

Contact your Association Managers with questions regarding the MiCPT (contact information here).

2020 MiCPT Recipients

Jerry Brown

2020 MiCPT Re-Certified MiCPT Recipients

Karen Armatis
Jeanne Bade
Stacey L. Bisson
Carl A. D'Andrea
Joseph G. Ferrari
Joy Gargano
Karen M. Goodhue
Dawn L. Keiser
Melissa Kuzmik
Tracy Leininger
Keri L. Smith
Deborah Masserant
Isaiah B. Matan
Bret Padgett
Stacy A Paige
Louis Joseph Parsch
David Pawley
Rachel Piner
Julie Pray
Lisa D. Reaser
Tina Richardson
Mike Roman
Dana C. Strayer
Tracy J. Stull
Joyce Winchel

2019 MiCPT Recipients

Lisa R. Anderson
Bethany Bachi
Sandra Barlass
Mollie Bonter
Jacqueline Browder
Stephania Brown
Kate Chrisman
Sharyl Dietrich
Brian Downing
Sarah Dvoracek
Julie Ellison
Cheryl Fox
Keyla Garcia
Carly Gehrke
Paul Gieleghem
Shannon Gries
Kristi Hiltunen
Jennifer Jordan
Andrew Kmetz
Bridget LaLonde
Michelle Lamb
Colleen Lazere
Alexandra Longstreet
Sherine Miller
Anthony Moggio
Kevin Moran
Jason Negri
Jenna Pilkington
Heather Pozenel
Norice Rasmussen
Trish Roberts
Lynda Scheel
Peter Shonka
Courtney Skora
Dian Slavens
Joseph Snyder
Tod Sorensen
Jamie Space
Holly Speck
Jacalyn Sroka
Donni Steele
Shannon Stutz
Shannon Sunquest
Michelle Thomas
Cecile Thompson
Tim VanBennekom
Stacy Weiss
Jody Weissler DeFoe
Jennifer Wieczorkowski
Amanda Wright
James Yancey

2019 Re-Certified MiCPT Recipients 

Sean Bellingham
William Brinkman (pictured, above right, in center)
Tina Ericksen
Ionia Lynn Eutsler
Sabrina Freeman
Colleen Garcia
Karen Genson
Deborah Hawk
Kimberly Keesler
Roberta Kudsin
Laurie Lemke
Rande Listerman
Linda Mackie

Bobbie Marr
Michael Pettigrew
Penny Ray
Teresa Renaud
Victoria Schroeder
Patricia Tupacz Scribner
Traci Shaffer
Donna Shollack
Lauren Skelly
Karen Stamper
Carol Stone
Janice Syswerda
Teri VanHall
Nanette Walsh