Basic Institute


The cornerstone of the MMTA educational offering, Basic Institute is a must-have for all career treasury professionals. Basic is a three year commitment; successful completion of this week long session (offered each spring) for three consecutive years allows members to graduate from Basic and be eligible to receive MMTA’s certification, the MiCPT (Michigan Certified Professional Treasurer). The Basic curriculum is designed and approved by MMTA’s national affiliate, the Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada (APT US&C). Completing Basic Institute is a great first step towards earning the national certification offered by APT US&C called the CPFA (Certified Public Finance Administrator).

The 100 hours of instruction over the following array of topics ensure that every graduate has a thorough introduction and understanding of municipal treasury. Each year covers 32 or 34 hours of instruction. For an overview of the curriculum by year, click here

Categories of instruction include: Principles of Public Finance, Governmental Accounting, Cash Management and Banking Relations, Investing in Public Funds, Debt Management, Internal Controls/Fraud Detection, Ethics and the Treasurer, State Laws and Regulations, Financial Reporting, Revenue Collections, Public Budgeting, Technology, Disaster Preparedness, Personnel Management, Communications and Public Relations, Organizational Management, State Specific Education, and Peer Knowledge Sharing.

Basic Institute provides the building blocks and core skills that any public treasurer needs to have, but it also provides an incredible opportunity to develop a network of treasurers in Michigan who all have the same challenges and requirements. Institute attendees agree that developing this resource is almost as important as the education itself. Basic Institute is open to municipal members of MMTA and is perfect for anyone involved in treasury: treasurers, deputies, assistants, coordinators, billing clerks, etc. The education provided by Basic Institute will help attendees understand all facets of an organization's treasury function whether they are treasurers, support treasurers, or may some day be a treasurer.

The annual registration fee for Basic Institute is $599. This fee covers all training sessions, materials, and most meals (attendees are 'on their own' for dinner on Sunday and Wednesday). Sessions begin late Sunday afternoon with an orientation for first and second year attendees (third years are welcome but not required to attend). Monday through Thursday are full days of instruction and Friday concludes at noon. 

Upcoming Dates

April 27 - May 2, 2025
April 26 - May 1, 2026
April 25 - April 30, 2027

Basic Institute will be held at the Comfort Inn & Suites Conference Center in Mt. Pleasant. For lodging reservations, contact the Comfort Inn directly at (989) 772-4000. Make sure to say you're with MMTA to get our low group rate. Rates for 2025 will start at $96/night (plus applicable taxes/fees; upgraded rooms are available for $110-$120/night). Don't forget to ask the hotel how to submit your tax-exempt paperwork.

What Attendees Say About the Program

“We covered a lot of important materials that my team and I can utilize at work.”

“This week was chock full of information that I will be able to use.”

“The people are great! The staff is great! The material is relevant and insightful and useful!”

“The opportunity to interact and learn from my counterparts throughout the state was invaluable.”

“There is such a huge amount of information, both from the other classes and the speakers. It’s always fun to see everyone!”

“I enjoyed the contacts and friendships I made. The material learned is priceless and helps to do my job more effectively.”

“The best thing were the amazing people both attending and speaking. So much information provided in a great setting. Loved it all!”

“I came expecting information and knowledge, but I actually gained a whole lot more!”

“A wealth of information is given. The networking with other municipalities is priceless.”

“The format, the materials, and the organization were all excellent. Great speakers as well!”

“...having networking opportunities and being able to reach out and contact other Treasurers is priceless.”

“Basic Institute is an asset definitely meant to be shared!”

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