The MMTA Committees are valuable resources for the Association and the membership.  There isn’t much that would get done without the committees and all those who volunteer their time, expertise and skills.  Please consider serving on one or more of the committees.  In addition to the reward of contributing to the MMTA, you’ll receive one experience point per year per committee for the CPFA certification through the APT US&C.

Legislative Committee:  This committee meets four times a year.  In order to receive credit for serving on the committee, you must either attend three meetings or submit information for any meeting you can't attend.

Membership Committee:  This committee sells MMTA merchandise at all MMTA events, works to increase the membership by making personal contacts with nonmembers, and mentors new members. In order to receive credit for serving on the committee, you must work at the merchandise table at one of the events, make contact with at least five nonmembers, or mentor a new attendee at an MMTA event.

Communications Committee: This committee is responsible for administering the MMTA Facebook group, the MMTA website and providing the membership with educational articles about the treasury profession.

Education (Institute) Committee, Fall Conference Committee, Winter Workshop Committee, and MMTA in the UP Committee:  These committees plan and organize various educational opportunities. Members are required to either attend meetings to assist in planning, or attend the events and assist with registration, introductions and various other tasks.

Professional Development Committee:  This committee is responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of educational programs as directed by the Board of Directors.  These programs include, but are not limited to, day seminars and certification. The PDC reviews and approves MiCPT applications and renewals every June.

All committees are open to both Active and Associate Members. Volunteer for a committee by filling out this form or by contacting your Association Managers or any MMTA Board Member.