MMTA recognizes its member's extraordinary contributions in two different ways: through the PRIME award and through service awards. The PRIME is our most prestigious honor, and stands for: Professional Recognition In Municipal Excellence (PRIME). The PRIME recognizes individuals who have shown distinguished service in their professions, communities, and the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association. Since 1989, the MMTA has recognized 36 outstanding individuals who exemplified these attributes.

The 2024 PRIME award will be presented at the Boyne Mountain Resort on September 24, 2024 during Fall Conference. If you know of a longstanding MMTA member who exemplifies a spirit of service and has contributed to the improvement, promotion and support of his or her community and the MMTA, please consider submitting a nomination form. You can access the form here; nominations are due by Friday, July 12, 2024. 

2023 PRIME Award Recipient 

Anthony Moggio currently holds the position of Finance Director and Treasurer for the City of Rochester, a role he has held since 2021. In this role, he manages the city’s budget, financial planning, strategic planning, and capital planning. His extensive knowledge in finance has allowed him to significantly improve the city’s fiscal stability and the efficiency of its operations. Anthony first started working in the City’s finance department in 2009.

Anthony’s passion for public service has always been a driving force throughout his career. His municipal job experience began shortly after he graduated from Oakland Community College with an associate degree in business and subsequently earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Oakland University.

At just 24 years old, Anthony first entered the entrepreneurial world by purchasing his first business. This early experience in the business world gave him invaluable insights into the workings of private sector operations, financial management, and entrepreneurship. It honed his skills in strategic planning, business development, and fiscal responsibility, which later became incredibly useful in his municipal roles. While his non-municipal experience may seem brief, it was formative and instrumental in shaping his professional trajectory. The lessons and skills he gained during this period continue to influence his approach to his work in the public sector. However, Anthony found his true calling in public service and embarked on a career that allows him to utilize his financial acumen to benefit his community.

Apart from his financial role at the City, Anthony has been a dedicated member of the Rochester Fire Department for over 20 years, where he holds the rank of Captain. His participation on the department has seen him implement critical changes, form a drone team, and run numerous emergency responses. This diverse role has enabled him to understand the operational side of municipal work, adding another layer to his comprehensive understanding of city operations.

Anthony’s career in public service exemplifies his commitment to his community and showcases his multifaceted skills in both finance and emergency services.

Anthony Moggio has led several major projects for the City of Rochester that demonstrate his dedication to improving community life, as well as his analytical and innovative thinking abilities.

  • Full-time Fire Department Transition: Anthony played an integral role in the transition of the Rochester Fire Department from volunteer and paid on-call models to a hybrid full-time model. He successfully applied for the SAFER grant that funded a large portion of the fire department’s transition over a three-year period, easing the financial burden and giving time to secure funding once the grant expired.
  • All-Abilities Park: Anthony sourced $797,000 in direct federal funding to create an All-Abilities Park in the city, a facility designed to bring together people of all ages and abilities to experience the joy of outside play. His understanding of funding opportunities and his dedication to enhancing the city’s community assets were crucial to bringing this project to life.
  • LED Conversion and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: As part of his commitment to green initiatives, Anthony spearheaded the project of converting city streetlights and facility lights to energy-efficient LED bulbs. His efforts went beyond that, also setting up electric vehicle charging stations throughout the city, even though it fell under a department outside his official jurisdiction. His ability to transcend departmental boundaries to get projects done shows his commitment to the city’s best interests.
  • COVID-19 Response: Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Anthony developed new processes and procedures to continue to deliver best-in-class services to the residents of Rochester. This included implementing a work-from-home process for employees who would have had direct contact with residents, managing remote access for both staff and residents during restrictions on in-person transactions, and launching the Senior Concierge Service for the CDC’s at-risk categories.
  • Career Development Program: Anthony is also currently working with a local university on a groundbreaking career development program. High school graduates are offered scholarships and the opportunity to intern in various city departments while pursuing their bachelor degree. This program aims to provide real-world, hands-on experience in public service to future professionals, which is not only beneficial for the students but also for the public sector workforce.

In each of these projects, Anthony demonstrated leadership, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to serving his community, proving his worth as a dedicated and accomplished public servant.

Anthony holds a number of certifications, earning the MiCPT (Michigan Certified Professional Treasurer) and CPFA (Certified Public Finance Administrator) in 2019, and the ACPFIM (Advanced Certified Public Funds Investment Manager) in 2017.

Anthony has a significant history of involvement in numerous professional organizations:

  • In the past, he served on the board of the Oakland County Treasurer’s Association, contributing to the education of treasurers in Oakland County.
  • Anthony has been a dedicated member of the Rochester Fire Department for over 20 years, spearheading several initiatives including the formation of one of the first State validated drone response teams comprised of multiple departments and counties.
  • He’s an integral member of the Oakland County Tech Rescue Team, managed by MABAS. Assisting in getting resources and equipment deployed as well as volunteering to help other municipalities pre-plan events. In addition to his role here, Anthony also holds a significant position in the Department of Homeland Security’s Incident Management Team, serving as the Finance Section Chief. In both capacities, his role is critical to managing financial aspects of emergencies and contributing to recovery efforts post incidents across the State.
  • Anthony plays an active role in the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association (MMTA). He has served as a voting board member since 2019, contributing to policy decisions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he acted as the Communications Chair, ensuring all members were informed about crucial dates and grant opportunities. He has also served as Legislative Chair and is the current Education Chair, responsible for assisting in coordinating the Association’s Basic Institute and other educational events.

Throughout his career, Anthony’s participation in these organizations showcases his dedication to public service, and his ability to utilize his financial expertise in various contexts for the benefit of his community.

Anthony has become a ‘go-to’ person for anything regarding finance and treasury due to his experience and his quest for information and knowledge. His financial expertise benefits the City of Rochester daily but his generosity to share his knowledge spreads further than City boundaries as he also plays an active role in advising and educating Treasurers and financial professionals. Anthony is an incredibly talented leader, is well respected by his peers and community for his commitment of service, and he embraces his most important role as husband and loving father to his two children.

2022 PRIME Award Recipient

Tricia Wiggle-Bazzy started at Hamburg Township in 2009 as a part-time cashier, hired to do cash receipts. However, the township was so far behind on bank reconciliations, she was tasked with helping get those caught up, too. That project was accomplished within three months, and with ten months Tricia was promoted and appointed Deputy Treasurer.

Prior to her work at Hamburg Township, Tricia graduated from Clarenceville High School and worked in the hospitality industry, including twelve years at the four-star restaurant, The Whitney. She says her time at The Whitney as the Controller of Finance prepared her for the role she has today.

Tricia is dedicated to the Township and is always willing to help with special projects or events. In 2010, Tricia started to work on Delinquent Personal Property collection which hadn’t been addressed in over five years – the Township had an outstanding balance over $100,000. As of mid-2022, the outstanding balance was only $661; Tricia feels that has been one of her biggest accomplishments at the township. Also notable is that Hamburg Township’s rating has improved from a B rating in 2009 to currently having an AA + S&P Global Rating; audits have also been perfect since 2011 due to outstanding effort and great teamwork.

Over the last 13 years, Tricia has volunteered for the Township Clean-up Day as well as the Hamburg Fun Fest. She has a passion for customer service and is a people person. Tricia explains: “There is something about being able to help other people, either at the counter explaining taxes, utilities or even just there to listen because they need someone to talk to; I even love helping my residents outside of work, it can be grocery shopping, prescription pickups or yard work.” Tricia loves to see her residents come in happy and leave happy.

In 2011, Tricia joined the MMTA to further her education. She graduated from Basic Institute and received her MiCPT certification in 2013. During her first couple of years, she decided to serve on different committees to get more involved in the organization. She served on the Education Committee, Communication Committee, and Membership Committee, and has also served on Professional Development Committee, Winter Workshop and Fall Conference Committees since then. Her committee work gave her the opportunity to give back to the organization that she feels has done so much for her.

Tricia was elected to the MMTA Board in 2013, and now serves as the MMTA President. Being on the board has helped Tricia grow as a leader, and she has greatly valued the opportunity to be a key part of the organization, especially her involvement in the decision making to keep the association strong. During her first years on the MMTA board, Tricia was encouraged to run for the APT US&C board of directors; in 2015 she was elected to the national association board and served as the Accreditation Committee Chair. Tricia is now the Vice President and is truly honored to be part of two amazing treasury organizations.

The education from both of these organizations has helped her grow personally and professionally. Since graduating from Basic Institute, Tricia has continued her education and received the following certifications from APT US&C: CPFA (Certified Public Finance Administrator), ACPFA (Advanced Certified Public Finance Administrator), CPFIM (Certified Public Funds Investment Manager) and a cash handling training certification.

Tricia has recently been recognized with a Certificate of Achievement by her Hamburg Township Treasurer and Board of Trustees for “Outstanding Achievements in Municipal Finance,” exemplified by her election to President of the MMTA Board. As her confidence has grown throughout the years of training and education, she has continued to help other municipalities with tax rolls, settlement and distribution, and is now a MMTA mentor. Tricia also generously shared her procedure manual with MMTA after receiving hundreds of requests for it. Tricia never anticipated that she would be a mentor, a president and vice president of both a state and national organization. She loves Hamburg Township, her residents, and her community, and will stop at nothing to keep striving and working her hardest for them.

Tricia lives in Whitmore Lake, where she is involved as the HOA vice president of her subdivision and is currently running to become a precinct delegate to Green Oak Township. She also volunteers at the local conservation club in her spare time.

Tricia is a mother of three: Sedric, Trevor and Breezy, and a Mimi to her grandson, Kyrie. She loves that at least once a month her kids (along with their doggies and her grandson) visit for the entire weekend so they can all have family time together. She has a wonderful man by her side who supports her professionally and personally; they enjoy going out on the lake, playing basketball, Euchre and just having lots of fun and laughs together. Tricia is the type of person that will give you all that she has, even when she has nothing left; she is the first one to offer to help and say yes to a new challenge. Tricia has always set high goals, aiming for the stars in life.

2021 PRIME Award Recipient 
Laurie Sheldon was elected City of Kentwood Treasurer in 2013, to a diverse community of 51,000 residents representing over 60 nationalities and 63 languages. Prior to being elected, she served as a City Commissioner for two years and a Planning Commissioner for seven years.

She began her municipal experience at the request of her mentor, former Mayor Root, to join the Planning Commission. She found a passion for public service and an aspiration to expand her experience into the municipal world. She never envisioned her career path would lead into municipal government. She explains: “I love my job and am so proud that every day I go to work I have the ability to make a difference in my own community and meet individuals from all different corners of the world.”

Prior to serving the City of Kentwood, Laurie was highly active in managing millage proposals and candidate campaigns through her business, Ballot Box Consulting. She successfully chaired three millage proposals for the City Kentwood, worked with the Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union teaching running effective millage campaigns and ran over 20 candidate and proposal campaigns throughout the past 17 years.

In 2017 Kentwood celebrated their 50th Anniversary as a Chartered City. Laurie was appointed and asked to lead the task by Mayor Kepley for the yearlong celebration. With an amazing committee, they created a commemorative anniversary logo, a dedicated sponsorship package and organized monthly events by working with media, businesses and schools. Finally, the team coordinated a “Celebrate Kentwood” weekend with a street fair, food trucks, beer tent, entertainment performances, ‘Kentwood's Got Talent’, and fireworks. It was an extraordinary year celebrating the heritage of the City’s past and the vision for its future.

Laurie joined the MMTA immediately after being elected as Treasurer in 2015. The MMTA was a tremendous help from the first day that she took the office. As an elected Treasurer, the job starts with no experience, no manual and no formal training. Laurie explains: “Because I did not possess all the needed training, I leaned on the MMTA a great deal. If I did not know how to complete a task, I would contact other treasurers for counsel. I never wanted to guess at how something should be done. It needed to be correct. I had the responsibility to work with tax payer’s dollars and I did not take that lightly.”

The most significant step to growing her knowledge was the MiCPT Basic Institute. Through the three-year program, she obtained a thorough and in depth understanding of municipal treasury. Fellow members were so welcoming and helpful, which led her to apply for a Board position to support other new treasurers entering their positions with little experience. In 2016 Laurie was elected to the MMTA Board of Directors and currently serves as the Board Secretary. She has served on the Legislative Committee, Education Committee, Communication Committee, Membership Committee, Fall Conference Committee, Winter Workshop Committee and Professional Development Committee. Laurie currently moderates the monthly Treasurer-to-Treasurer forums. She says that through the MMTA, she has met amazing colleagues and built great friendships that have enriched her career indefinitely.

Laurie’s professional memberships include: Association of Public Treasurers of the US & Canada, Member 2015 – present; Michigan Government Finance Officers Association, Member 2015 – present; Kent County Treasurer's Association, Chair 2018-2020 and Member 2015 – present; Veteran Action Board, Committee Member 2021; Community Rebuilders, Committee Member 2021.

She has earned her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Davenport University, MiCPT (Michigan Certified Professional Treasurer); ACPFA (Advanced Certified Public Finance Administrator) from the APT US&C; ACPFIM (Advanced Certified Public Funds Investment Manager) from the APT US&C; and received the APT US&C Certification of Excellence for the City of Kentwood Cash Handling Policy.

Laurie has proudly resided in the City of Kentwood for more than 35 years. She has been happily married to her husband, Chris, for 19 years and they have three beautiful children and two crazy Australian Shepherds. In her free time, Laurie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, golfing, traveling, and volunteering as a small group coach at church. Laurie concludes by saying “My life is invested in Kentwood and I have a true passion to help make it better each and every day.”

2019 PRIME Award Recipient

Rachel Piner, City of Williamston Treasurer, was awarded the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association (MMTA) most prestigious honor, the Professional Recognition In Municipal Excellence (PRIME) Award. Rachel began her municipal interest as a junior in high school serving as a liaison between the Student Council and the St. Louis City Council. During her senior year of high school, she worked as a co-op student at St. Louis City Hall and continued to work there throughout college. She graduated from Alma College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 2006. She was the Clerk/Treasurer at the Village of Webberville for seven years prior to being hired as Treasurer for the City of Williamston, a position she has held since 2013.

Rachel joined MMTA in 2007, earned her MiCPT in 2011 and CPFA in 2015. She was elected to the Board of Directors at Fall Conference in 2016. Prior to being elected, Rachel served as Parliamentarian and was an active member of the Education, Membership and Fall Conference Committees. After attending her first year of Basic Institute, she worked with colleagues in her area to form the Capital Area Treasurers, which meets throughout the year to discuss treasury related issues.

She and her husband, Tim, have two young children, Morgan and Jackson.

2018 PRIME Award Recipient

Margaret Birch, Waterford Township Treasurer, was awarded the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association (MMTA) most prestigious honor, the Professional Recognition In Municipal Excellence (PRIME) Award.

Margaret received the award at the MMTA 40th Annual Fall Conference held at the DoubleTree Riverfront Downtown Bay City in mid-Michigan on September 25, 2018. The PRIME Award annually recognizes an individual member for outstanding service to his or her profession, community, and the Association. The recipient is selected by their peers within the MMTA.

Margaret was elected Treasurer of Waterford Township in 2006, a community of now approximately 73,000 residents. As Treasurer, she is also responsible for payroll and benefits, administrator of two defined benefit pension plans, a Retiree Health Care Trust, a defined contribution plan and a member of the Board of Trustees.

Margaret earned the designation of CPFIM in 2010, and her CPFA was originally awarded in 2011 and renewed in 2016. She earned her MiCPT in 2014. She also wrote and had the Township’s investment policy certified in 2008.

Margaret is a past board member of the Association of Public Treasurers of the United States & Canada (APT US&C) and has organized many welcome receptions for the Association at its annual conference; she earned a Service Award from the APT US&C in 2015.

Margaret has served on the MMTA board of directors for years, and is the current President.

Margaret is on the Board of Directors for the Waterford Area Chamber of Commerce, an organization of almost 600 members. She is a strong believer in collaboration and works closely with the Township, Chamber, and the Waterford School District.

Margaret is involved with the Waterford Senior Center, the CAI Golden Age Club, Waterford Historical Society, Waterford Youth Assistance, and Relay for Life. Margaret is also a member of the Waterford Beautification Committee and works with others to enhance her community.

Margaret’s passion is water-skiing the slalom course. She competes on a local, regional, and national level. She lives with her husband, Paul, who supports her in everything she does. Margaret and Paul enjoy dancing, and began taking lessons almost four years ago, which allows them to do something they both enjoy together.

Margaret believes that MMTA provides not only education, but support and camaraderie which exceed any organization she has ever belonged to.

2017 MMTA PRIME Award Recipient 
The Globensky family: son Andrew, wife Kate, Award Recipient John Globensky, and daughter Alaina.
John Globensky, City of Grand Rapids Treasurer, was awarded the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association (MMTA) most prestigious honor, the Professional Recognition In Municipal Excellence (PRIME) Award.
John received the award at the MMTA 38th Annual Fall Conference held at the Crystal Mountain Resort in northern Michigan on October 10, 2017. The PRIME Award annually recognizes an individual member for outstanding service to his or her profession, community, and the Association. The recipient is selected by their peers within the MMTA. Eight members were nominated for this year’s award from MMTA’s 900 members.
John has been a member of MMTA since 2009; his first hands-on exposure to MMTA was when he started Basic Institute in 2011, where he served as his class leader. John believes that the 100 hours of instruction provided over the three year Basic program was “the best preparation for my professional development.”
Former PRIME recipient Cheryl Rhein O’Neill, Oregon Township Treasurer and MMTA Past President, noted that “John’s willingness to always share knowledge and information with other treasury professionals helped solidify his selection as this year’s PRIME recipient.” She further commented that  “John’s dedication to supporting the continued growth and development of the City of Grand Rapids as well as the MMTA is evidenced through his personal and professional achievements.”
John joined the City of Grand Rapids in May 2009 and held the positions of Investment Analyst and Administrative Analyst prior to being appointed City Treasurer in May 2014. He has earned certifications as a Certified Public Funds Investment Manager (CPFIM) through the Association of Public Treasurers of the U.S. and Canada (APT US&C), and his Michigan Certified Public Treasurer (MiCPT) certification through MMTA. Having earned enough credits to apply, he looks forward to being awarded the Certified Public Finance Administrator (CPFA) certification through APT US&C in the near future.
His professional accomplishments over the past three years include “certifying the City’s investment policy, upgrading technology, and playing a vital role with the City’s vision of becoming a ‘Digital First’ city.”
John is a strong believer in MMTA’s role of supporting constant improvement within the municipal treasury profession. “Each day is a learning experience, and I’m blessed to have the connection with the MMTA members … everyone’s questions and input are extremely valuable as we learn and shape the practices and policies that impact our communities.”
John enjoys speaking at conferences, with his most recent presentation “Organizational Cash Handling” first received at the 2017 Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Annual Convention in Denver, Colorado. John remarks, “I’m passionate about sharing information and discussing topics that impact our communities.” He also serves on the Michigan GFOA Legislative Committee.
John has a strong commitment to community, especially as it intersects with his passion of finance. He believes that personal finance should be taught both to teenagers and to couples who are planning to marry, and is working with his church leadership to begin offering such a program.
PRIME Award Recipients
2023 Anthony Moggio, City of Rochester
Tricia Wiggle-Bazzy, Hamburg Township
2021 Laurie Sheldon, City of Kentwood
2020 Not awarded
2019 Rachel Piner, City of Williamston
2018 Margaret Birch, Waterford Township
2017 John Globensky, City of Grand Rapids
2016 Cheryl Rhein O'Neill, Oregon Township
2015 Matthew Horning, City of Ann Arbor
2014 Barb Fandell, City of Ithaca and Annge Horning, City of Tawas City
2013 Rose Dillon, Fruitport Township
2012 Kim McKay, City of Rockford
2011 Janice Thelen, Watertown Township
2010 Joseph G. Ferrari, Oxford Charter Township
2009 Albert C. Mooney, City of Grand Rapids
2008 Kathy Revels, City of Mason
2007 Bruce Maliczak, Charter Township of Canton
2006 Tim Arends, Traverse City
2005 Blinda Baker, City of East Tawas
2004 Jeffery Cyphert, Grand Blanc Charter Township
2003 Cynthia Dagenhardt, Charter Township of Milford
2002 Robert Brang, Redford Township
2001 Kay Bissonette, Oscoda Charter Township
2000 Joyce Golden, City of Walled Lake
1999 Susan L. Gross, Commerce Charter Township
1998 Penny Kovacevich, City of Midland
1997 Mary Carpenter, Cascade Charter Township
1996 Judy M. Volk, City of Bay City
1995 Judy McManus Garfield Charter Township
1994 David R. Moore, City of Greenville
1994 Jacqueline Rousselo, Frenchtown Charter Township 
1993 Margaret M. Robbins, City of Owosso
1992 Elaine S. Goebel, City of Auburn Hills
1991 Keith Sawdon, City of Rochester Hills
1990 Roman J. Gronkowski, City of Southfield
1989 Patrick M. Dohany, Commerce Charter Township

MMTA Service Awards

In 2010, the MMTA Board of Directors developed the Service Award to recognize MMTA members whose commitments to the Association go beyond the call of duty and promote our mission to provide our membership with the tools needed to meet the diverse challenges facing them by offering education, services, continuing professional development and ethical standards. 

Service Award Recipients 
2023 - Rande Listerman, Village of Pentwater
2023 - Grant Taylor, City of Portage
2022 - Penny Ray, Village of Milford
2022 - Jeff Anderson, Michigan CLASS
2021 - Tammy Kerr, Horizon Bank
2021 - Mike Kloack, Meeder Investment Management
2021 - Catherine McClary, Washtenaw County
2019 - Mary Mitchell, Emmet County
2018 - Andrea Boot, City of Wyoming
2018 - Marie Sherry, City of Dexter
2017 - Lorraine Jackman, Comerica Bank
2017 - Paul Linn, City of Ironwood
2017 - Linda Poole, City of Marquette
2016 - Kim Goethe, Flagstar Bank
2016 - Mary Ann Kornexl, City of Mt. Pleasant
2015 - Laura Branchickformerly of Comerica Bank
2015 - Kurt DawsonCity of Rochester Hills
2015 - Rich GarayPublic Trust Advisors, LLC
2014 - Michael Pettigrew, City of Ann Arbor 
2014 - Les Pulver, Plante Moran 
2013 - Pam Hardy, Flagstar Bank
2013 - Greg Prost, Ambassador Capital Management 
2013 - Don Rogers, Coldwater Township
2012 - Anne Giroux, Marquette County
2011 - Nancy Robinson, Comerica Bank
2010 - Diane Giddens, City of Marquette
2010 - Russ Mollan, City of St. Clair